Recently Moved Hosts And Now Dave's Free Uploader Won't Work With New Ftp

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Alison Stumpf
Mon Jul 24, 17
9:55 PM
I have recently moved from Bludomain to bluehost. I have plugged in the new information for my FTP connection that Bluehost has provided but it keeps telling me the username or pw is not correct. I've verified that it is....
is this an issue with the install or what else could it be?
Tim -
Wed Jul 26, 17
7:38 AM
Make sure you have the correct host name. It should be your domain name, but you might need to use a IP address.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Alison Stumpf
Wed Jul 26, 17
9:42 AM
Thank you for your response, Tim.

I have tried my hostname and the IP address without success.

Could it be something Bhost didn't do correctly in the move? I'm at a loss what to try or what to ask them to check.

Appreciate your help!
Alison Stumpf
Thu Jul 27, 17
6:13 PM
When I inquire w Bluehost this is their response;

It appears that "Dave's free Loader" might be a separate FTP program like Filezilla. We have never heard of this on our side.

The migration service doesn't include transferring or setting up FTP accounts, so if this is something that you where using it will need to be updated on your end.

If you need assistance in working with FTP accounts please contact technical support.
Tim -
Fri Jul 28, 17
7:13 AM
If your domain actually pointing to blue host? A WHOIS of your domain name shows it is pointing to blu domain, not blue host.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
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