Major Photo Cart Issues Uploading And Slideshow Not Working

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Amy Lemaniak
Fri May 05, 17
11:03 AM
I have the latest version of PC and all of a sudden I am having major problems when uploading images to my galleries and the slideshow function is no longer working. I've always used Dave's Freeloader to upload to my galleries, but it is taking a VERY long time all of a sudden. I checked with my hosting company and everything looks good on their end, so it has to be a PC issue. Any ideas?

For the slideshow, it just sits on the Buffering screen and doesn't load...
Edited Fri May 05, 17 11:05 AM by Amy Lemaniak
Tim -
Mon May 08, 17
4:53 AM
Have you modified any Photo Cart PHP or Javascript files for it to be a Photo Cart issue? Photo Cart just doesn't change on it's own and I assume it has worked fine for a long time.

If photos are taking a long time to load, are they larger than what you normally upload?

Can you post a link so I can see a slideshow not working?
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