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Clients Not Getting Emails To Msn Addresses

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Sean Crane
13 posts
Mon May 01, 17
5:57 PM
I host on godaddy and I know MSN is notorious for sending godaddy sent emails into a bottomless hole with no bounce back. I have had 3 clients try to reset their password and I even tried myself to my own personal msn again and even though the email is showing up in the log that it has been sent it is not making it to any of the addresses. On my own personal account, I even have the address whitelisted that it is coming from internally on the webmail side and nothing.

However, if I email from my domain through outlook to those addresses I can get through. I am using the same email address that is set at the default in photocart. It used to work at one time but it doesn't seem to be working any longer. My email configuration has not changed in years and neither has my hosting.

Is there something that has to be modified somewhere? Typically when MSN blocks godaddy it blocks both my email from outlook and the server email from photocart. I am moving servers in the next few month so I hope I have better luck but was just wondering of there was any other solutions.
Sean Crane
13 posts
Mon May 01, 17
7:52 PM
Never mind. Seems like godaddy's idea of adding the SPF record fixed the problem. Emails coming through now.
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