If your Photo Cart is suddenly getting a 500 error or only displaying a blank page then you or your hosting company has updated the PHP (programming language) to PHP 7 which Photo Cart is not compatible with (and will not be compatible with) mainly because of the removal of the my_sql functions which are replaced with my_sqli functions. 

You would need to have the PHP version downgraded to 5.6 in order for Photo Cart to work. If downgrading the PHP doesn't work then you may have to update Photo Cart to the last version of 7. Download Photo Cart 7 upgrade files. Upgrade instructions.

Photo Cart was retired in 2015. Check out Sytist.

All Thumbnails Not Showing In Client Gallery

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Scott Mosher
5 posts
Tue Apr 25, 17
5:09 PM
I'm noticing that in my galleries, not all the thumbnails are showing. I've tried to regenerate the thumbnails and that hasn't worked.

Sample gallery:
Access code: f7197807

Any ideas?
Tim -
13476 posts
Wed Apr 26, 17
5:55 AM
I see a reference for text/rocketscript in the source code which isn't part of Photo Cart. A google search refers to CloudFlare so I suspect that is the problem. I don't know if that is something you have enabled on your hosting, but disabling it will probably fix it.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
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