Proofs Approved Email Received But Revisions Requested?

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Sean Crane
Thu Apr 20, 17
12:59 PM
I had two items in the design proof and I got an email that the client approved the designs from the cart. I went right to print with it and delivered the items. Turns out there were revisions pending. One revision was from a few days ago and another revision was done an hour before I got the email that said the client approved the work.

So today the client calls me and says there are issues and I would check into it I see that within design proof the project says pending with red banners through it that say revision requested. I checked the email log that was generated and the only one in there was the project was approved. Nothing about the 3 revisions they requested at different times.

Shawn Mertz
Thu Apr 20, 17
5:02 PM
i had that happen a couple times too. when they approve something go back into the proof section of the email and thoroughly check for revisions. If they approve achieve it or close it to more requests. In this case I suggest you make the revisions and keep the customer happy.
Sean Crane
Thu Apr 20, 17
6:52 PM
I am going to take care of the customer but I am more curious how come a email was not generated that a revision was requested on the 4th and two on the 6th and the only email that was generated was it was approved. I normally check the design proof galleries prior to sending thing to print but when I got the email from the system I was putting a big order in with some other clients and just pulled their files and added without checking since I never had the problem before.
Tim -
Fri Apr 21, 17
8:02 AM
If you are referring to Photo Cart, the email will tell you how many were approved. Like 8 of 10, which means 2 were not.

If you are referring to Sytist, the email shows you how many were approved, requested revision or rejected.

In either you should check them in the admin after you have received the email.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Sean Crane
Fri Apr 21, 17
8:23 AM
I am refereeing to photocart. Tim, that is not the issue you explained. A revision was entered on April 4th, there was no notification that a revision was asked for via email from the cart. It was not even generated. Two additional revision were requested on the April 6th and no notification or email were generated. Approx. an hour after the time stamp of the last revision I got an email from photocart that the particular proof was approved. The email was a little weird that was generated also. I totally get that I should have looked in the admin control panel after to make sure but this is not how photocart worked before as I use this feature a lot. I used to get emails when a project was asked for revisions and when they were approved but this proof project only generated one email and it was even missing the number after approved. I still should have gotten a revision email on the 4th when the first revision was asked for.

Here is the copy of the email

Pam D----- has finished reviewing the project Lucas Grad Cards. They have approved of 2 files.

Log into your Photo Cart admin to view this project.

The project status has been changed to pending.

Tim -
Sat Apr 22, 17
7:32 AM
You won't get email notifications until the customer submits they have finished reviewing the project. Maybe they are just approving / revising, but not submitting it when they are done.

In that email you received, I guess they didn't approve any?
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Sean Crane
Mon May 01, 17
5:48 PM
Yes, that is the email I received. No, they didn't approve anything there were just revisions. Looking at the email closely it doesn't even say 0 of 2, it just says approved of 2 files. Typically it gives a number but like 1 of 2 or 2 of 2. I used to get emails when a customer asked for a revision. I guess my point is this email should have never been generated because nothing was ever approved.

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