Can't Log Into Galleries Nor Admin Page

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Fergul McClean
Sat Apr 15, 17
5:05 AM

I can't suddenly log into my admin page, it just refreshes and clients can't log into their galleries as they are getting a restricted gallery access error even with the right password.
I've read previous post on similar issues as mine but I'm posting as I can't take this any further. I have gone into my account via filezilla and I can't seem to find the setup.php file. The galleries are showing up on my index page but even some of the sample galleries that don't have any passwords are not showing any images. my website is
Everything was working perfectly fine yesterday and now all of a sudden there's no access. Tim I can send you access to my ftp account if that helps but I'm at a loss now as what to do. I read your previous fixes but as I said I can't find the setup.php file in photocart.

Fergul McClean
Sat Apr 15, 17
8:43 AM

Reading previous posts I managed to upload the two lines into the setup.php file in photocart and I now have access to my admin page at least. Galleries are all there but any client logging into their gallery is not seeing any thumb nails of any images even though it says there there are xxx images in the gallery. the thumbnails are just not there.

Fergul McClean
Sat Apr 15, 17
9:02 AM

I managed to resolve this now.


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