Subdirectory Install Dislayed In Root

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Pamela Warren
Mon Mar 27, 17
4:00 PM
I have my installation in a subdirectory. Because of changes I am making on my website, I wish to display the gallery in my root directory. Is there a way to do so without moving the installation?
Tim -
Tue Mar 28, 17
6:44 AM
See "Moving a Sytist installation from a sub folder into the root" on this page:
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Pamela Warren
Wed Mar 29, 17
7:25 AM
Thank you. I was referring to Photocart. The reply seems to be regarding another program. Is it possible to have an installation of Photocart which is in a sub directory display as if it is in the root?
Tim -
Wed Mar 29, 17
12:20 PM
You will need to move all the files inside your Photo Cart folder up a level in your FTP program similar to the example in the link above.

After that , edit the setup.php file which is inside that Photo Cart folder and remove the line $setup['photo_cart_folder']
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Pamela Warren
Wed Mar 29, 17
3:18 PM
OK, so you are saying that I have to move it, I cannot keep it in it's own folder. Thank you.
Tim -
Thu Mar 30, 17
8:13 AM
If you want to display it in the root, then you will need to move the files into the root.

If you want to re-direct your home page you can create an index.php file with a text editor like notepad and add this code:

header("location: /photocart/");

And upload it to the root of your website.

And it will redirect the main page to your Photo Cart folder. If there is an index.html file in your root, you will need to delete or rename it.

Or you can ask your host to redirect your home page to your Photo Cart folder or have them point your domain to the Photo Cart folder.

Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:

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