Don't Want Sub-category To Show On Proofing Home

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Paul Alford
Wed Dec 14, 16
3:12 PM
I see how to create sub categories and have created one for "stock" photos and that text link is showing on the home page, which is cool, but the thumbnails of the "stock" are also showing on the Home page and I dont want them to show there. I edited each sub-category and assigned the "level" to sub, but they still "show" on the home page too.

Is there something I am missing ? Or can they be hidden on on Home page and only show thumbs when you click to go into those subs ?
Tim -
Fri Dec 16, 16
12:39 PM
There is not a way to not have those galleries show on the home page.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
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