Changing Display Order Of Events

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Richard Butcher
Fri Oct 14, 16
5:04 AM
I have spent time uploading 15 events into a Page and now need to organise the events into display order as the very latest events should appear at the top. is this possible to do?

Should I rename the events in some kind of alphabetised arrangement then play with the sort order?


Edited Fri Oct 14, 16 5:54 AM by Richard Butcher
Tim -
Fri Oct 14, 16
6:48 AM
By default, galleries are shown by date descending. So you can just go in and change the dates accordingly.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Richard Butcher
Fri Oct 14, 16
6:54 AM
But that doesn't change the order on my CLF-Display. I need to physically move the events into an order of shoot date rather than upload date.
Tim -
Fri Oct 14, 16
7:11 AM
You can change the date for the galleries (there is a date option when editing or batch editing galleries) to the event date.

Or if you want to manually rearrange them:

Edit the category or section the pages are in (edit under the section / category name in Site Content).

click "Layouts"
then "Page Listing Layout"
and change "order pages by" to I will arrange the order.

Then you can drag & drop the order
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Richard Butcher
Sat Oct 15, 16
1:42 AM
Thank you Tim!

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