Sales Report For Entire Category?

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Philip Dutton
Sun Sep 04, 16
11:04 AM
Is there a way to generate a sales report for an entire category? For example: I shoot for XYZ school. I call this category "XYZ school". Once you click on that school's logo you get to 2 sub-categories: XYZ Sports and XYZ Events. I'd like to be able to see sales for these entire sub-categories or the overall category. Thanks!
Philip Dutton
Mon Sep 05, 16
4:33 PM
No suggestions???
Tim -
Tue Sep 06, 16
5:59 AM
There is not an option to generate a sales report for an entire category.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Philip Dutton
Tue Sep 06, 16
6:40 AM
Ok. Thanks Tim
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