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Jimmy Adams
Fri Aug 12, 16
10:36 AM
This problem just started, so not sure it's a "bug". Photo Cart has run great for years, using 7.1 since it's been available. Suddenly, parts of it won't respond. For example, I'm on the main page after logging in. I click on Galleries, it display's my gallery list. I click on Customers, it display's my Customers. I can build new galleries, update galleries, change setting, in fewer words, I can do a lot of stuff. However, when I click on Orders, the site just hangs. No error message, no nothing, except "Waiting for ..........". Has something, maybe reports.php, been deleted? Is there a way to renew my site without losing any data? Once it hangs, I can't do anything but close the window. Sometimes it lets me back into photocart immediately, oftentimes I have to wait an hour or more to get back in. Thanks for any help you can give.
Tim -
Sat Aug 13, 16
6:51 AM
Sounds like possibly an issue with the database or database server. It may clear itself up, but if not, might want to have your host check into it. Maybe optimizing the database from your hosting control panel might help too.
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