Photo Card Not Displaying Properly

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prem mukherjee
Mon Jul 18, 16
2:56 PM
I've been a photocart user for MANY years with no issues.
As of last night, my carts are not displaying correctly on internet explorer, chrome, or safari.
They DO display correctly in firefox.
sorry for the sideways photo.
Please help.

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prem mukherjee
Mon Jul 18, 16
4:35 PM
I've narrowed it down to my htaccess file. Trying to figure out what is affecting my cart.
I thought it was working in firefox but it was just loading from cache.
Tim -
Tue Jul 19, 16
7:35 AM
If it is the .htaccess file causing the problem, then you will need to narrow down what it is in there and remove the lines causing the problems.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Dave's Uploader
Wed Jul 20, 16
7:48 AM
Looks to me like the CSS isn't loading. Use the browser's Developer Tools to view the Network traffic as the page is being loaded and you will see the error code for the file(s) which are not loading. It would be a 403 Forbidden if .htaccess is blocking access.
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