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Automatic Processing Of New Photos

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Tobias Tigges
6 posts
Mon May 30, 16
8:42 AM

we are automatically uploading all photos from a shooting via camera FTP to a gallery directory of photo cart 7.1.
What we need, is an instant processing of each new jpeg-file so that it can be found in the gallery without hitting the "process" button.
Is there an undocumented function? Since photocart is already checking the folder to decide showing the process button or not - why doesn't it just process the files directly? Or can we use a cron-job to realize that watch folder behavior?
Thanks for your ideas in advance!

Tim -
10302 posts
Tue May 31, 16
5:55 AM
There is no function to achieve that.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Tobias Tigges
6 posts
Tue May 31, 16
7:23 AM
Thank you for your extensive answer. It would have been interesting if such au function would be possible in future because it's just not a real feature but just a decision of the programmer when or how to trigger the processing. Small effort, happy customer - a principle that i like better.

Dave's Uploader
269 posts
Tue May 31, 16
8:57 AM
Photo Cart is a legacy product (and has been for quite some time) which will not receive any further updates so Tim was answering very appropriately; "There is no function to achieve that."

BTW, it is NOT a small effort as it would require a background process running within the web server which is not possible with most hosting accounts.
Edited Tue May 31, 16 8:59 AM by Dave's Uploader
Tobias Tigges
6 posts
Tue May 31, 16
9:15 AM
Okay, than it would be nice to inform your customers, that they're investing time and money in an legacy product with no future updates before they buy. I can find no info about that on your website.

will have to find an alternative. thanks.
Dave's Uploader
269 posts
Tue May 31, 16
9:54 AM
I recall Tim was very clear about that when the Photo Cart sales pages were still on the site...
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