How To Create Note Or Text Box For Each Package ?

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Paul Alford
Wed May 25, 16
10:31 AM
I have created several packages (1 pose per pkg) but need customer needs to be able to type in a "note" or text for each package - so they can enter the "dance name" which will all be different for each pkg.

This is for a dance studio and several hundred so lots of dance names and lots of pkgs so I need to be able to organize pkgs to the different dance names. I thought to just add a text box inside each package so they can enter the name of the dance.

Some kids will have 4 or 5 different dances and might want a package for each one.

Any ideas?
Tim -
Thu May 26, 16
6:16 AM
When viewing the collection in the admin, click the "Create new option" link and create a text field option.
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Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Paul Alford
Fri May 27, 16
9:09 AM
Thanks Tim. I don't see any "Collections" anywhere. Is that in Photocart or Stylist ? I have Photocart.
I see Price Groups, Packages (Custom and Traditional). I was creating this in a "Package"
Paul Alford
Fri May 27, 16
9:44 AM
Under Traditional Package set up, I have the different print sizes configured and on that same screen I see the "create options" which I clicked and see "text field" in there which I chose and made it "required". labeled it "name of dance" and saved it but when I go to the actual cart and try it...the text field is not showing up at all. I made it required and I go back into the setup and it is listed there....but not showing up for the customer.
Tim -
Sun May 29, 16
10:29 AM
Sorry for the confusion.

The traditional packages in don't have package options. The options in traditional packages are for the products in the package.

Custom packages do (Package options).
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
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