How Does Client Add Photos To A Custom Package?

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Aimee Powell
Wed Apr 20, 16
12:06 PM
I have a client that wants to order a custom package. I can't figure out how to have her put images into the package that is in her cart. The instructions say "to add images to this package, select the products above, select quantity and click the add to package button." When I have a photo selected, there are no options to add to the package. There are no "products above and no quantity button or choices to add to the package.
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Aimee Powell
Wed Apr 20, 16
12:13 PM
Example of cart page. This comes up after I click on the My Packages button in top right corner
Attached Photos
Edited Wed Apr 20, 16 12:14 PM by Aimee Powell
Tim -
Wed Apr 20, 16
2:31 PM
That looks like a traditional package in which you haven't added any products to be selected.

Create a custom package and there is an option for "Number of images included".
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