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Kelly Sue Montag
Fri Apr 15, 16
2:42 PM
Is there an option in collections to allow for selling 6 images and letting them select any combination of 4x6. 5x7, 8x10 all for a single price? I don't see an option to allow for multiple selections and making it stop at 6. (Etc they choose 2 - 4x6 and 4- 5x7 or 6 - 8x10 or 2- 4x6, 2- 5x7 and 2-8x10). Thank you.
Tim -
Mon Apr 18, 16
6:05 AM
You posted in the Photo Cart forum but I believe you are referring to Sytist.

What you would need to do is go to Photo Products -> Product Base and create a new product. Call that product something like Print Size and make it an "other" product type.

Then after it is created, there will be an Options option for it. Click that and create a new options as a Drop Down. For the selections in the drop down make them the print sizes (4x6, 5x7, etc ... ).

Then create your collection selecting " I will assign products to the collection". Add that new product you created to that collection with the quantity of 6.
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