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Photocart In Amazon Web Service Cloud?

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Jeff Janson
2 posts
Wed Mar 09, 16
2:06 PM
Hello, we're thinking of moving our website,, to the Amazon Web Service cloud, as we are having huge difficulties with Hostgator as our web server host.

My web guru wants to know 1). if it is possible to set up PhotoCart in the cloud and will it work properly, and 2) can we set up a test domain for the license to be able to test it first (we use Dave's Uploader as the ftp process) before we pull the plug and move the site to the cloud.

If it won't work in the cloud, then we don't want to proceed further with the Amazon Cloud service. We are midway through the process of setting up the cloud server, and he wanted to know if our license was strictly tied to our domain name or if there was a way of testing it first.

Thank you,

Mary Janson
Tim -
10320 posts
Thu Mar 10, 16
7:08 AM
I don't know if it will with Amazon web service cloud. If it is the same thing as Amazon EC2 where you set up your own hosting stuff, it could. The main thing you have PHP, MySQL & the GD Library installed.

If you need to install it on there to test, you can email me your Photo Cart registration key for me to reset it so you can install it there.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Jeff Janson
2 posts
Fri Mar 11, 16
1:24 PM
Our Photo site is getting over 30 gigs of images at this point. Our web developer wants to know if we can store the images in the cloud, but keep our site and Photo Cart on our regular server. Can Photo Cart link up to the cloud server to find those images and display them? This would be a huge help to us and a lot of photographers who have thousands of images available on their sites. We would still try to use Dave's Uploader as the ftp program to upload the images to the cloud. Thank you
Dave's Uploader
269 posts
Sun Mar 13, 16
3:26 PM
No. Photo Cart requires the gallery folders be within it's folder structure so there is no way to store galleries in a different location on the same server let alone on a different server. Dave's Uploader only supports the normal configuration where the gallery folders are within the Photo Cart folder structure.
47 posts
Tue Mar 15, 16
4:42 AM
I'm on a rapid EC2 learning curve (amazon cloud). You need to install a LAMP stack on your server, as Tim mentioned above. - and i'd install phpmyadmin as well for the database.

You also need to install a mail server, otherwise you don't get any mail (as I've just realised!) -

The nice thing is that you can play with EC2 for no charge until you start using large resources. And if it goes wrong just can the instance and start again....

Gareth Jones
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