Price Inc. Gst?

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Steven Dowden
Tue Mar 08, 16
8:16 PM
Hey guys.
I've got a small problem with GST
How do I apply GST to all items so the items full price is listed and including GST and shows the GST charged on the invoice?
Tim -
Wed Mar 09, 16
10:48 AM
You will need to use the VAT option instead. In Settings -> Tax, check "VAT: If you have VAT for your country, show product prices INCLUDING VAT?".

In Customize -> Text & Language, click "Click here to view and edit all fields in the text database." search for VAT and change it to GST
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Aaron Couch
Mon Jun 20, 16
9:05 PM
I have a similar question regarding GST (Australia). If I edit the tax settings I can make the tax show as GST, however it adds the tax on to the product once in the cart. In Australia all advertised prices on products must INCLUDE GST and then on the order email (TAX INVOICE) it should show the GST component as 1/11th of the total sale.
Is there a way to add a field on the order email and/or in checkout to simply calculate 1/11th and display this with a label such as (GST included in total)?
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