Some Images Wont Upload

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Steve Sharp
Thu Feb 18, 16
12:42 AM
Hi, I am using Daves Uploader to load about 1500 images at a time into sub galleries with passcodes and there are always 10 - 20 that seem to not upload. Just lately there seems to be an issue where it will upload say 500 images then it gets to the 501st image and will shut down the whole upload and say the upload is complete even though there are 1000 more to go. I have to remove the offending image folder and restart the upload from where it stopped to get it to go again. I have attached a screen shot of the fail message I get when uploading. Any ideas?
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Tim -
Thu Feb 18, 16
7:52 AM
403 errors are generally produced by mod security on the server. You should check with your host and see if that is being triggered and if so, if they can whitelist the mod security rule it is triggering.
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