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Server Mail Settings - Php Mailer Path

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Udo G.
7 posts
Thu Feb 04, 16
6:55 AM
Must change the Setting from mail() to PHPMailer - now i don't know what i must enter in "PHP Mailer path".

Absolut Path or relative Path?

Path includes php File oder exlude?

Test it all and became every time i push the "send test email" an white Page and no email will be send.

Edited Thu Feb 04, 16 6:56 AM by Udo G.
Dave's Uploader
269 posts
Thu Feb 04, 16
7:33 AM
It can either be absolute from the root (starting with a /) OR relative to the photocart folder (NOT starting with a /). The code where it is used is located in pc_inc/functions.php:

$smtp_phpmailer_url = "".$site_setup['smtp_phpmailer_url']."";

You can read more about how include_once locates the file at
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