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angela rath
Tue Feb 02, 16
3:14 PM
I tried to login to my photocart site as a user. I can access the admin portion fine, but cannot login as a customer. I have tried changing my password and logging in but still no luck. I CAN login from behind the scenes in admin when I go to the customer screen and login as this customer.

I thought maybe something was buggy with my customer info so I created another account. I placed a test order and received email confirmation of it. When I tried to login as that customer after placing the order, it simply bounced me back to my entry page with the option of logging in, rather than with my account info.

Both of these attempts were made from my iphone.

When I try to login to my account from my laptop, I am given an "untrusted connection" notice from my browser. The details state that it is an invalid security certificate.

Please help!!!
Tim -
Wed Feb 03, 16
6:54 AM
"untrusted connection" would mean in Settings -> Customer Registration & Login Settings you have "Use secure pages on login, register and checkout pages" selected.

But either a) You don't have a SSL installed or b) You did but it has now expired.

Either uncheck that option or have your SSL renewed with your host if it has expired.
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