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cynthia nolan
Wed Jan 20, 16
8:41 AM
How do I enable the image name under the image in the mobile version. It works great for desktop.

AND Can people place orders via the Mobile?
Tim -
Wed Jan 20, 16
1:49 PM
Download this zip file and unzip it to your computer:

Upload the included pc_mobile_photos.php into your Photo Cart folder overwriting the existing one.

This file will show photo file names below the photos in the mobile version of Photo Cart

There are not purchasing options in Photo Cart on mobile devices.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Kori Henry
Sat Dec 09, 17
1:18 AM
If I just upgraded yesterday, does this still mean that I must go in and update something else? The numbers aren't showing up for my clients on mobile now.
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