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Watermarking Thumbnails Question

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Stefanie Carlson
7 posts
Sat Dec 05, 15
10:22 PM
I have uploaded galleries and after the fact would like to have the thumbmail images watermarking enabled. I did so under the "watermarking" settings sub area, and have the option enabled on the Layouts via the encrypting. I went to preview the change and all my images that are thumbnails are now showing the 'no image' type of icon placeholder instead. Is it not possible to enable thumbnail watermarks in photocart after uploading? Or am I missing a step?
Tim -
10629 posts
Mon Dec 07, 15
5:35 AM
The encryption option on thumbnails doesn't work on some servers and you would need to change the thumbnail display to standard.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Stefanie Carlson
7 posts
Mon Dec 07, 15
11:31 PM
okay, well, I'm moving to Sytist at this point, so this will be my last school gallery of the year with the 'easy web screenshots for free' danger :) Thanks for confirming what I needed to check.
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