Issue Thats Come Up Today

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Steven Dowden
16 posts
Fri Dec 04, 15
4:40 AM
Hey Tim (and all)

I've got an issue thats come up today and this is 100% costing me a lot in sales.

Had a customer contact me asking "where can I buy the book?"
I've made phonebooks from an event I covered, theres 2, 1 full event book & the other is a category book.
I've made a price group for each, attached them to each book and uploaded them.
Turns out the "add to cart" feature is not there at all on the iPhone (maybe other phones) but there for the desktop site.

I've tried on my phone, on my wife phone, on a friends phone, I've tried on the desktop and its fine, but the phones theres no option.
One of the customers today mentioned this, after calling him he said he was trying on his phone, I've had to add it to the cart myself to make the sale.

Whats going on? what have i done wrong? the gallery has the price group for the first book, but the second book I've assigned its own price group

Help please
Steven Dowden
16 posts
Fri Dec 04, 15
4:41 AM
Shawn Mertz
79 posts
Fri Dec 04, 15
7:58 AM
you haven't done anything wrong. Photocart is an older app, from before smart phones.
If you want this feature you need to update to sytist.
Steven Dowden
16 posts
Fri Dec 04, 15
3:28 PM
the add to cart on a phone was never an issue before this,
Is there a way to disable the phone site?
Tim -
9443 posts
Mon Dec 07, 15
1:55 PM
There is no purchasing options on mobile in Photo Cart.

To disable mobile detect, download this zip file and read the READ-ME file for instructions:
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Steven Dowden
16 posts
Mon Dec 07, 15
2:30 PM
Thanks Tim

I might have to upgrade to Stylist soon
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