My Ftp Will Not Accept My Name And Pw

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Lisa Beachler
Wed Oct 28, 15
2:49 PM
I can easily sign into my photo cart, I know the PW and username.

My FTP tells me login failed.

I can't upgrade if I can't get into my FTP

Shawn Mertz
Wed Oct 28, 15
3:49 PM
Your photocart password and username might not be the same for your FTP. FTP requires the username and password for your main website or your website control panel.
Lisa Beachler
Wed Oct 28, 15
3:59 PM
I will give it a try but the photo cart is the main website.
Lisa Beachler
Wed Oct 28, 15
4:09 PM
Nope, nothing is working.

I'm completely lost

I put in the website
I put in the user name
I put in the password

Click connect

wait wait wait

User login in not accepted....
Shawn Mertz
Wed Oct 28, 15
4:18 PM
are you able to get into the website control panel? I'm not talking about your photocart admin.
Lisa Beachler
Wed Oct 28, 15
4:23 PM
bluehost? yes I did that this morning and changed that around like the instructions said
Lisa Beachler
Wed Oct 28, 15
4:24 PM
no, that user name and password do not work either
Shawn Mertz
Wed Oct 28, 15
4:39 PM
try your old bluehost password maybe it didn't change. but i think they are where your problem is.
Lisa Beachler
Wed Oct 28, 15
10:11 PM
I have tried them all

so let me ask..

the top line should be my website correct?

Lisa Beachler
Wed Oct 28, 15
10:16 PM
it does not matter. NOTHING works, old passwords new ones, made up ones... usernames I've used and are using.. I've been putting in user names and passwords for over 24 hours.

I'm done! This is unreal.. and everyone says it's this fault or that fault. Transit says it's photo cart.. Photo cart has no clue.. I can't upload any images, I can't update and I have NO IDEA what to do next
Shawn Mertz
Thu Oct 29, 15
8:31 AM
i think top line is nothing in front

when you changed your username and password was that in control panel or photocart?

my experience with Transmit is limited. i only used it a day or two when i was having a similar problem to yours and my web hosting co told me Fetch was broken.
they were wrong. the problem was my site had been attacked and they shut down all access to it. Took them two days to figure out they shut it down. after that we got things working in ten minutes. if you can access your website control panel through your web browser you can FTP from there using the file manager tool. address is something like and it will prompt for new username and password. if you can't access control panel your web host may have blocked your IP address and you would need to call them.

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