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Fed Up With Godaddy

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Greg Beasley
34 posts
Thu Aug 06, 15
8:42 AM
I have been a Go Daddy customer since 2007. I house my Photocart and my blog there. Not a problem until 2013. All of a sudden I started getting error messages every time I tried to upload a wedding or portrait session. About every 25 images the Daves Uploader screen would lock up for about 45 seconds. Then It would continue uploading. Trying to upload a 1000 photo wedding went from 50 minutes to about 3 hours. I am only loading 700kb images onto my Photocart.

It has been so frustrating. I have tried to think about every link in the chain.

In the last year and a half, I have:
*called Go Daddy an unbelievable amount of times.
*emailed Tim and Dave an unbelievable amount of times.
*called my ISP an unbelievable amount of times.
*switched to a new server with Go Daddy twice per their recommendation. (migrating data)
*performed traceroutes from my computer to my ISP to Go Daddy (again their idea).
*set up a dedicated line with my ISP. They sent me to Go Daddy more directly.
*Upgraded the firmware on my router
*Reformatted my hard drive
*Switched to a more expensive hosting platform (CPanel). Numerous people at Go Daddy said this would help

The whole time, they blamed my ISP saying that nothing was wrong on their end.

...Until Yesterday

I found the problem. I told a rep at Go Daddy that I was getting I/O error when uploading to Sytist (remember that my images are only 700kb each). He said that was an "Input/Output Error". He said that I am trying to push too much data through at one time. I was stunned... I asked him to explain that again. He said that I am in a shared environment and I am limited to the amount of data that I send and receive from Go Daddy.

So there it is folks... Go Daddy is putting the brakes on for you. They can lighten (not remove) the brakes for $4 per month extra. This not only affects me but it also affects my customers looking at my web site. He said that most carriers do the same thing. I asked him about their site claiming unlimited bandwidth. He said this had nothing to do with bandwidth.

So, if your website is running slow just remember that Go Daddy (or whomever you are using) has probably slowed your data rate "on purpose".
Edited Thu Aug 06, 15 9:34 AM by Greg Beasley
Dave's Uploader
269 posts
Wed Aug 12, 15
9:56 AM
Go Daddy offers cheap hosting. The operative word is "cheap". There are several reputable hosts who don't throttle bandwidth to the extent Go Daddy does BUT the main issue, IMHO, is shared vs. non-shared hosting. While shared hosting is cheaper, it does put limitations on you (disk space, bandwidth, CPU, etc.) AND other accounts on the same shared server can degrade the performance of your site or even crash the server and take your site offline briefly.

If a business is a viable concern and is looking for a solid web presence, I really feel you have to look at either a virtual private server (VPS) which is a middle priced solution or dedicated server which is higher priced solution. If shared hosting costs $5 per month, a VPS likely runs $30-50 per month and a dedicated server likely runs $100+ per month. The real question is how important is your business? If its a "sideline" or "hobby", then shared hosting is likely fine. If its your bread and butter, then I think you have to consider proper hosting for your business. And of course, from a reputable host (personally, I wouldn't use Go Daddy for anything more than a hobby).

Just my $0.02...
Jayme Goetz
10 posts
Thu Sep 01, 16
1:53 PM
Thanks for the info! I have the same problem.
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