State Tax Dodge, You Can Leave State Blank And Not Pay Sales Tax.

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Dave Douglass
Fri Jun 19, 15
12:07 PM
We recently got an order where a local customer didn't pay state sales tax. I set up a dummy account in my state, Ohio, and you are allowed to select "........................" as a state, and so no state tax. We only have USA selected under Settings > Countries, this doesn't seem to matter. You can still very easily select "........................" as a state. Is there anyway this can be fixed? We don't know that the customer did this knowingly but if this ends up being common knowledge to our customers we'll have to pay the tax out of our own pockets.

Tim -
Mon Jun 22, 15
5:37 AM
I just tested this and when a state is not selected and set to the default -------------, it won't let them continue. It highlights it as not selected.
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