Accessory Store Not Showing Previous Image.

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Andrew Pavlik
Thu May 28, 15
12:32 PM
We have had Photocart for awhile and love it but our only issue is the accessory store. When someone clicks on an image to buy and then clicks on the 'accessory store' link, the image never shows up on the left and if someone purchases an item from the accessory store, a reference image is never giving Order information.
Tim -
Fri May 29, 15
7:00 AM
Sounds like you don't have a quantity entered for "How many images to be selected" when editing the accessory store item.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Andrew Pavlik
Fri May 29, 15
2:01 PM
I don't even see an option - "How many images to be selected"- anywhere? Not even in the settings.
Andrew Pavlik
Fri May 29, 15
2:04 PM
Nevermind! It was in the individual items settings. I found it! Thank you!
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