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Adrian Fischer
Sun Mar 22, 15
8:51 PM
This will be a long shot it in anyway possible to have video clips as a downloadable product in photocart?
Tim -
Mon Mar 23, 15
6:46 AM
No options for downloading videos in Photo Cart.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Heather McManamy
Mon May 18, 15
9:44 AM
I hate to be irritating and hammer on a dead topic, but might there be a workaround for this, or a customization (if that's allowed and I can find someone to do it)? It would just be so spectacular if I could use this already excellent system for this type of thing rather than trying to make something else work.
Adrian Fischer
Mon May 18, 15
6:33 PM
someone in the sytist group asked a similar question (although download of video is available in that program) and one response was to set up a link to a dropbox with the videos. Simp;ly put, when yoiu clicked the the link the video was downloaded. I cant remember the detail but it might be worth a search over in there.
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