Problem During Upgrade

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adam mccracken
3 posts
Thu Dec 18, 14
2:52 AM
After attempting to upgrade, I am now getting this message:

MYSQL ERROR: Table '**my_database**.pc_texts2' doesn't exist
Query: SELECT * FROM WHERE id='1'

Looking through phpMyAdmin, I see a "pc_texts" table, but not one appended with "2". Am I missing something obvious?
Tim -
9443 posts
Thu Dec 18, 14
12:25 PM
Sounds like either you didn't upload all the upgrade files, or you didn't go to the admin page so it can complete the database part of the upgrade.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
adam mccracken
3 posts
Thu Dec 18, 14
11:57 PM
Figured it out. The problem was that I was running 4.1, not 6.x as I had believed. Therefore, I had to do that earlier database upgrade first, before the 7.1 upgrade. So, if anyone else sees that error, make sure you are running the higher version to begin with!
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