Controlling The Watermark Displayed On Free Downloads

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Tirzah Vaughn
Sat Aug 23, 14
12:45 PM
I have my Display Images watermarked with my logo. I have my Zoom Images watermarked with both a light tile pattern in the background AND my logo.
WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH: I would like my Free Downloads to be watermarked as my Display images are, with only my logo.... no tiling.
WHAT IS HAPPENING: The Free Downloads are the SIZE of the display images, but have the watermarking pattern resembling the Zoom Image (with tiling)
In my settings, I have chosen the option for clients to download the Display Image with a watermark.
MY QUESTION: Is there a way to remove the tiling watermarking and leave the logo watermarking on the Free Downloads?
Tim -
Tue Aug 26, 14
7:48 AM
For the free downloads, the only option is whether to watermark the free download or not. There is not an option to just apply the logo to the free download.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
Tara Morris
Wed Apr 22, 15
12:39 PM
Can someone give me a bit more explanation of what each watermark setting is for? I too would like to in the future have a separate watermark for downloaded images. But if I have to set the free download watermark to be the desirable one, which one below should I change? What does the "add logo" do?

Watermark display images: Yes No
Watermark zoom images: Yes No
Location of watermark:
Watermark file:
Add logo: Yes No Location of logo:
Logo file:
Thumbnail images
Watermark thumbnails: Yes No Location of watermark:
Thumbnail Watermark file:
Tim -
Thu Apr 23, 15
1:52 PM
The free download watermark & logo settings will be the same as you have for all your other photos.

Watermark display images: - The smaller photo the viewer sees.
Watermark zoom images: - The enlarged photo

You can also add a logo that will be applied to the photo as well, generally a small transparent PNG file in the bottom right corner of the photo.
Tim Grissett, DIA - || My Email Address:
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