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Michael Thompson
Sun May 04, 14
4:28 PM
Hi guys

I cant find how to change the order status from not paid to paid when customers have paid by bank transfer. I have a customer who ordered download photos, but she cant download yet as the order stills shows as not paid. I could just email her the photos, but would much prefer to use PC for the whole transaction.

I understand it would need to be an action on my part, but just cant figure it out. Assistance greatly appreciated.


Michael Thompson
Mon May 05, 14
7:29 AM
No worries. I found the spot, just needed to look harder :)
John Wiley
Sun Nov 13, 16
9:44 AM
You know what would be great? If, when people find an answer to their own question, they'd post it instead of just saying they found it. That's what.
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