Where To Put Google Analytics Code

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Fri Feb 21, 14
1:46 PM
Is there a way to use Google Analytics in Photocart and Accessory Store to see where visitors are going?
Dave's Uploader
Fri Feb 21, 14
3:18 PM
Fri Feb 21, 14
6:22 PM
Thanks once again Dave,

Google says specifically that the code should go immediately before the closing HEAD tag
You and others suggest putting it in the footer though? Is there a specific reason you didn't insert it in the head.php file?

That search box at the top of the forum here is really totally worthless... I guess it doesn't look in the archive?
it should be removed or setup just to do a google search... I tried a variety of searches including just the word "analytics" and found nothing remotely close.

Fri Feb 21, 14
6:38 PM
Footer it is... it does not show on the page source when added into the head.php

Dave's Uploader
Fri Feb 21, 14
8:20 PM
head.php is from an older version of Photo Cart; pc_head.php and pc_footer.php are what is used with Photo Cart 7. Rather than change PHP code, however, you can include the Google Analytics code in Customize > Header & Footer > Footer, just be sure to paste it in with the editor in HTML mode.

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