If your Photo Cart is suddenly getting a 500 error or only displaying a blank page then you or your hosting company has updated the PHP (programming language) to PHP 7 which Photo Cart is not compatible with (and will not be compatible with) mainly because of the removal of the my_sql functions which are replaced with my_sqli functions. 

You would need to have the PHP version downgraded to 5.6 in order for Photo Cart to work. If downgrading the PHP doesn't work then you may have to update Photo Cart to the last version of 7. Download Photo Cart 7 upgrade files. Upgrade instructions.

Photo Cart was retired in 2015. Check out Sytist.

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Colour Of Uploads Not Matching Original

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Sun Jun 17, 18 5:11 PM CST
just uploaded a new gallery and the thumbnails and enlargements showing in photocart are weak and not as saturated as the originals. I'm using FileZilla as usual and it's always worked fine. even last week. I've deleted and reloaded the gallery, but the same thing happens. original files are SRGB as usual. please help - as the images look lack lustre and I assume the downloads will be too. thanks

(just bought one of my own images to check the download - and it's fine - same saturation as the original - so it's just the images appearing in photocart that are desaturated. any ideas? as they don't look very tempting to customers like that.....thanks)
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Mon Jun 18, 18 12:34 PM CST
You must have changed something in your workflow.

Your images need to have the sRGB color profile. When they don’t have that color profile, it can make the images washed out or off color.

The reason is when images are uploaded, they are processed (resized, watermarked) with what is called the “GD Library” on the server and there is a long standing bug in the GD Library that loses the color profile when the images are processed. And without the color profile information, it automatically assumes sRGB.

There is another image processor called Imagemagick that can retain the color profile information, but that is not widely available on servers / hosting companies and why it isn’t used.

To convert your images to sRGB in Photoshop, go to:
Edit -> Convert to Profile
Then select sRGB IEC……..

I don’t know if that is available in Lightroom, but may be.

To batch convert in Photoshop, here is a Google search.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Tue Jun 19, 18 6:20 PM CST
THANK YOU!! GENIUS! all sorted. for some reason, that batch of images had a weird colour setting.. I can't thank you enough. :-)
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