If your Photo Cart is suddenly getting a 500 error or only displaying a blank page then you or your hosting company has updated the PHP (programming language) to PHP 7 which Photo Cart is not compatible with (and will not be compatible with) mainly because of the removal of the my_sql functions which are replaced with my_sqli functions. 

You would need to have the PHP version downgraded to 5.6 in order for Photo Cart to work. If downgrading the PHP doesn't work then you may have to update Photo Cart to the last version of 7. Download Photo Cart 7 upgrade files. Upgrade instructions.

Photo Cart was retired in 2015. Check out Sytist.

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How To Move Photo Cart To A New Host

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Mon Dec 23, 13 12:45 PM CST
To move Photo Cart to a new server you will need to:

1) Download your entire Photo Cart folder from your current hosting to your computer.

2) Re-upload the folder you downloaded it to your new hosting.

3) The database will need to be exported from your old hosting. You will need to use PHPMyAdmin and export your database as a SQL file.

4) Create a new database in your new hosting control panel. Import the SQL file to the new database through PHPMyAdmin.

5) Edit the setup.php file with the new database names and settings.

* The database is NOT located where all your files and folders are. You will need to log into your hosting control panel and access the PHPMyAdmin to export your database.

Here is a tutorial on how to export your database from the old host and import it into the new and editing the configuration file.

We do not offer a service to move files & folders.

Site Transfer Service: offers a site transfer service. Click here to learn more or contact.

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Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Fri Apr 25, 14 6:06 PM CST
HI TIm, I just moved my website to a new host and did what you said above but now it won't let me in. The username and password I am using are correct as I just reset to make sure. Is there something else I am missing? Thanks
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Fri Apr 25, 14 6:14 PM CST
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Tue Dec 22, 15 1:29 PM CST
Hi Tim, thank for the info!

I recently moved to a new host and transferred Photo Cart to the new server. I've followed the steps you listed, but I'm getting the following screen when I visit the page:

My only guess is that the database settings are wrong in the setup.php file, but I thought I followed the instructions in the guide. Here are the lines in setup.php I changed, excluding the username and password:

$setup['photo_cart_folder'] = ??;//?galleries?;

$setup['pc_db_location'] = ""; // database hostname or location
$setup['pc_db'] = "galldavi_photokart"; // The name of the database

Should ??;//?galleries?; be the name of the folder on the server that all the PhotoCart files are in? Not sure what is wrong!

Edited Thu Jan 14, 16 2:12 PM by Capybara Mailman
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Tue Dec 22, 15 1:49 PM CST
You are trying to setup Photo Cart as a subdomain. I find that when I go to that I get redirected to so there is no way to get to the subdomain.

I suspect you may also need to change $setup["url"] and $setup["secure_url"] to work with your subdomain.
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Tue Dec 22, 15 2:36 PM CST
Thank you Dave! It says the lines do not need to be changed, normally. Any idea what to change it to?
Edited Thu Jan 14, 16 2:12 PM by Capybara Mailman
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Tue Dec 22, 15 6:08 PM CST
No change is needed as your setup.php is one of the newer format ones.

However, since I still get redirected on your site when I try to go to there is no way I can see what you are seeing. Are you running WordPress? It often redirects anything unexpected to the main site URL. When I go to, it gets a permanent redirect to Here are the response headers.

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2015 00:07:02 GMT
X-ServedBy: ny1-prod6-web006
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
X-ContextId: O02eLxde/flJEbHzG
X-Via: 1.1 ny1-prod-echo020

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