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Are User Account Creations Associated With Expired Galleries...

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Sat Nov 05, 22 5:52 AM CST
Hi Tim.

Obscure question, but anyways.

When I photograph schools, each parent gets their printed information sheet with passcode on photo day. This means that sometimes parents are trying to use access codes even while we are still on site shooting at the school.

This is not a problem, as before photo day I upload placeholder images (QR codes actually) with that pupil's passcode to that schools pre-created gallery so that when they use that passcode, the expired gallery notice comes up which explains that either the gallery has expired or is awaiting image upload. This saves me from a huge number of support queries asking why their passcode doesn't work.

My Question - if the parent (at this point without an account) views that expired gallery notice, then goes immediately to create an account from the expired gallery page, will their account then be associated with that schools gallery page such that I can email all registered parents of that particular gallery to inform them that their images are now available for viewing? That is, do new accounts become part of the people list under that gallery's 'Registered people who have viewed'?

If not, is there any possibility that we can create a URL to the 'Create Account' page that definitely associates them with their originating gallery?

Parents have to create an account to add to basket anyway, so this just jumps that step. The more parent email addresses I can garner as early as possible, the more effective my communication will be.

Thanks Tim.

PS, any chance we can automatically remove the background switcher from expired galleries as the greenscreen explanation splash obscures the expired gallery page information?
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Sun Nov 06, 22 5:25 AM CST
As a second follow up question, but slightly related...

Is it possible to restrict sending emails to only those that have viewed over a certain time frame? For example, only those 'Registered people that that have viewed' or 'People who have not purchased' in the previous three months?

Thanks Tim

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Sun Nov 06, 22 8:31 AM CST
Users are not associated with a gallery until they have logged into their account THEN view the gallery. Not the other way around.

There is not an option to send an email based on a time frame.

You can set the gallery to pre-register to have them register before the gallery is available. That is what that feature is for.

There is not a way to create a URL to the 'Create Account' page that definitely associates them with their originating gallery.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
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Sun Nov 06, 22 9:07 AM CST
So, does this still apply even though the gallery is currently expired?

Register for an account, do a search with a particular passcode, that passcode is valid but for an expired gallery - they will still get associated with that gallery?

If so, we can work with that.

By the way Tim, where do we edit the thank you page that orders are redirected to after they make a successful order? Can't seem to find it for some reason.
Edited Sun Nov 06, 22 9:07 AM by Trailboy
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Sun Nov 06, 22 10:14 AM CST
I tested and it appears people are added to the list when they enter in the password for an expired gallery.

You can also try it for yourself.

Design -> Page text you will find the text for the order placed page. Search for the term you are looking for.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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