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Issues With Background Download

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Adina Hayne
269 posts
Thu Oct 27, 22
5:58 AM
I am not sure what topic this should be under, but we are having issues with automatic downloads.

A few clients are purchasing their digital file and choosing their background and when they download the background is blank. There seems to be no rhyme or reason.

Has anyone ever had this issue and if so how was it fixed?
This reply was deleted.
Vance Birno
164 posts
Sat Oct 29, 22
11:48 AM
Only things i can think of is backgrounds are not close to the same size as your portraits, or your portraits are not in PNG. If either are too large will results in issues for the server.
Adina Hayne
269 posts
Sat Oct 29, 22
6:50 PM
Unfortunately that's not it. They were working fine and then randomly stopped.

I do appreciate your input tho!
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