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Galleries Not Posting

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Tue Sep 20, 22 5:37 PM CST
Galleries will not post! SO WEIRD!
It doesn't show up until I click on "published" and it goes from 69 to 70, then it shows, but it does not show in VIEW MY WEBITE live or when I go back to site content? Help! I have tried changing the date to an older date on the gallery, but it makes no difference. Could this be something with my hosting server? Godaddy is my host.
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Tue Sep 20, 22 5:39 PM CST
Here is the direct link to the gallery, which is working! But it is not showing on the galleries main page (site content).
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Wed Sep 21, 22 4:31 AM CST
You can email me the following for me to look into it:

1) The link / URL to your Sytist admin (where you log into your Sytist admin).

2) The admin username and password (or create me an admin account by clicking Admins in the upper right corner of the admin pages).

3) The NAME of the gallery.
Tim Grissett, DIA -
My Email Address:
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Thu Sep 22, 22 3:58 PM CST
I sent you an email with the info you requested above.
I just tried uploading photos as well, and they won't post- although they showed as uploaded in the Admin panel. I sent screenshots. Then, when I go back to the admin panel, the photos are gone. POOF! I am supposed to have an event for the BBB (Better Business Bureau) posted by Monday! Please help.

I also can't get the new update, I ordered and paid for it, but that is not showing at the top of the admin page either. Weird stuff.

I appreciate any help you can give me.
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Thu Oct 06, 22 9:21 PM CST
So, my host is Godaddy... after a back-and-forth with them... it was a firewall cache issue. Its fixed now.
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