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Product Fulfilment

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Hayleigh Beach
6 posts
Fri Aug 26, 22
10:52 AM
HI, I am new to Sytist, I have previously used zenfolio and shootproof, both of which have order fulfilment with Australian Labs, does Sytist have product fulfilment through labs? I have searched for this information and cannot find any information relating to the fulfilment of an order?

From looking through the settings, I can only assume that the idea with Sytist is that you collect payment and take orders and then print a csv file to provide manually to your own print lab? Is this the case?
Vance Birno
117 posts
Sat Aug 27, 22
12:28 PM
Hi , sorry but there is no lab integration with sytist.
240 posts
Sat Aug 27, 22
1:57 PM
And I don't think any lab would take a .CSV file and print from it either.

You will have to create the print ready files yourself.

For some that is not an issue (it's actually a benefit for us), but for others it can be a real hurdle to using sytist, at least in a minmal interaction manner.
Edited Sat Aug 27, 22 2:13 PM by Trailboy
Hayleigh Beach
6 posts
Sat Aug 27, 22
5:32 PM
Thanks so much, I don't mind self fulfilment, but I am curious to hear high level approaches to self fulfilment. With volume photography( I do schools and kinders) how you approach batching files for print against orders without it being an overly cumbersome manual process?
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