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Sort By Approved In The Proof Gallery

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Jennifer Zmuda
2 posts
Thu Jan 13, 22
10:29 PM
It would be awesome to have the ability for a client to filter or sort their approved images in the proof gallery. I've been having to build new proof galleries for their approved images so they can see what they've picked and then they narrow down more from there and the process repeats itself. On the back end I can click on the approved images link and get them sorted to just the approved. Is there a way to allow that function to be present on the client side?
Vance Birno
260 posts
Fri Jan 14, 22
10:00 AM
I just would delete the ones they reject, in admin and their gallery click "photos" then the "x" below the pic they are rejecting. yes i agree this section could use some improvement, like ability to change the gallery type to include ordering, and like you said a sort feature, that would put those in a sub folder.
Edited Fri Jan 14, 22 10:03 AM by Vance Birno
Jennifer Zmuda
2 posts
Fri Jan 14, 22
2:05 PM
That would be a good option except they often reconsider their rejects as they narrow things down and try to create a set of images their happy with.
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