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Missing Orders In Product Export

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John Rumball
55 posts
Tue Nov 23, 21
11:19 AM
I just discovered a major problem with the export functionality.

When I go into a Gallery, choose Stats & Sales, click to view purchases, select all and then export Order Product Export, multiple orders are missing from the resultant CSV file.

For example, the select all shows 33 selected products and yet the csv only contains 26 rows.

I rely on this export report to fill my orders and now I realized that I have missed orders altogether. I now need to backtrack on the first two teams I photographed to send the missing orders to the lab.

Is this a problem just with me or this a coding issue?

Please help... I have many teams lined up and if I can't get this figured out its gonna cause me a ton of grief.

Thanks in advance.
John Rumball
55 posts
Tue Nov 23, 21
11:21 AM
I forgot to add that when I export the other report (Order Export), all the orders are there.
John Rumball
55 posts
Tue Nov 23, 21
11:29 AM
Further to my last message, I went back into one of the problem galleries and selected ONLY the orders that were missing from the original export.

When I exported just these 11 orders, the resultant CSV file contained zero records!!! What is up with that??
Edited Tue Nov 23, 21 11:29 AM by John Rumball
Tim - PicturesPro.com
13955 posts
Tue Nov 23, 21
12:27 PM
You can email me the following for me to look into it:

1) Link to your Sytist admin.

2) The admin username and password (or create me an admin account by clicking Admins in the upper right corner of the admin pages).

3) Order numbers of at least 3 orders that are not exporting products and photos.

Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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