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Couple Of Questions Regarding Sytist

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Andrew Carleton
12 posts
Mon Feb 08, 21
3:23 PM

I was wondering if you could help me with the following:

- how to create digital bundles, how people can choose 5 pictures in a gallery and pay a certain bundle price for them? https://toriocphotography.co.uk/galleries/equestrian-events/2019/?sub=9210873134354c6bee371e9d86193ca9#photo=b4ebf08e575d6df48e367c2f8ab472e9 for example has the product there but there is no option to choose which 5 they would select.
- How can I set restrictions on a gallery for the number of downloads someone can get for free? E.g. https://toriocphotography.co.uk/galleries/equestrian-photoshoots/equestrian-photoshoots/?sub=3a2dd84f9acc093abec26cd7c68f77d3 I would like the gallery to be password protected and that the people with the password can only donwload 5 images from the gallery. I did have it password protected but turned it off so you could see the gallery.

Tim - PicturesPro.com
13314 posts
Tue Feb 09, 21
4:54 AM
You create collections / packages that include X amount of downloads:

With free downloads:

There is an option to set how many downloads someone can download for free when editing the free download product.

There is an option to password protect the galleries when editing the gallery.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Michael Leenheer
398 posts
Wed Feb 10, 21
5:07 PM
Hey Andrew,

First of all, lovely photos! I enjoyed looking at the links you shared.

With your 2nd question, I see that the link you shared includes photos without any watermarks. All of those can be downloaded for free; even with the protections in Sytist it is fairly easy to download the original photo file with a click or two (and of course taking a screen capture is easy too).

If you want the gallery to look nice and be more 'friendly' for clients, may I suggest a less aggressive watermark? "Please purchase this photo to remove this text." For myself I made a watermark image (PNG) that is clear in the center and about 70% on the edges. Sytist applies it perfectly.

Michael Leenheer | New Light Photography - SUB Photo
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