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Automatic Expenses

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Bruce Pham
241 posts
Wed Dec 04, 19
5:23 AM
When creating a price list, it would be great to have the ability to enter in cost of each item in the list. For instance if I make PACKAGE A, I want to add in the lab cost of Package A and all expenses for that package.

This would then reflect in the report under expenses automatically. Having to manually enter in expenses per order is tedious. Each order could automatically calculate the expenses if I could enter it through the product/collection list.
Bruce Pham • Forever Studio • School Pictures At Their Best
Brooke Woollett
90 posts
Wed Aug 25, 21
11:12 PM
Hi Bruce
This is a GREAT idea! I was just looking for exactly this. Is this on the potential upgrade list Tim?
Thank you.
233 posts
Fri Aug 27, 21
3:03 AM
following this also! I currently only use Sytist for the sales component .. the graphs always amuse me with my high sales and flatlining costs.
I think the only ones added automatically are the Paypal ones.
Steven Duggan
7 posts
Mon Sep 13, 21
8:17 PM
Yes automatically adding an expense for a product which reflected in the reports is a feature that should be included.
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