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Cron Jobs / Automated Emails

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Joan Davis
60 posts
Thu Sep 19, 19
4:29 PM
Have been sending these successfully for awhile. It appears that they are no longer sending. Last sent was 9/13. I have hostmonster for a host. I believe they changed my IP address as my filezilla address was no longer working when I uploaded proofs Wed 9/18. It did work on 9/10 when I uploaded the previous files.

My question is (remember computer stupid here), whatever change that hostmonster made that prevented filezilla from working - would that affect my auto emails? I have an early bird special email that should have gone out which did not. I can send it manually but do not want to spam my clients.

Is there a way to test that my cron jobs are still working?
Joan Davis
60 posts
Thu Sep 19, 19
5:19 PM
It appeared that hostmonster had deleted or changed part of my settings. I saw there were 53 emails waiting to be sent from my invite to public gallery which should have gone out yesterday. I just tried to reset it and got this message instead of the automated test email. Changed my login name.

usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell: /ramdisk/bin/php5/home2/flatxxxx/public_html/sy-admin/sy-cron.php: No such file or directory.

Does that mean I should use the /usr/local/bin/php -q instead of the ramdisk/bin/php5?
Joan Davis
60 posts
Thu Sep 19, 19
6:31 PM
Updated info - Hostmonster has changed their settings so that with my account, the minimum time is 16 minutes between emails. At least I think that is what they are saying. Once I change the interval to 16 minutes I should be fine but will be 2 hours before I know. They made this change Sept 14, 2019 if anyone else is experiencing the same problem. Customer service is not being helpful other than saying change the setting to 16 minutes.
Joan Davis
60 posts
Fri Sep 20, 19
7:27 AM
Many hours with tech support later, still not sending cron jobs. They are saying working fine on their end. Problem is at my end tho not sure I am believing them. They are saying this is the proper command line with me replacing my log in name with xxx. Any advice what to try next? I have 61 pending emails and have cked enable automated emails. Do not have test email checked.

/usr/local/bin/ea-php56 /home2/flaxxxx/public_html/sy-admin/sy-cron.php
Tim - PicturesPro.com
12538 posts
Tue Sep 24, 19
5:37 AM
For the cron job to just stop working, something must have changed with the hosting. It is not the coding in Sytist.

I would guess the PHP version has changed. In your Sytist admin you can click Settings in the main menu then underneath the left menu click PHPinfo. It will show you the version.

If it is PHP 7, then this part of the command line would be wrong: /usr/local/bin/ea-php56

From this page I have what did work for hostmonster


If it is PHP 7, then perhaps it would be this:

/ramdisk/bin/php7 ... then the path it shows you in Settings -> Automated Emails.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Joan Davis
60 posts
Tue Sep 24, 19
7:42 AM
Unfortunately still no luck - and another 2.5 hours with hostmonster customer service this morning. Using the ramdisk/bin/php7 resulted in an error message. They are now telling me I need to use /usr/local/bin/ea-php70 /home2 followed by my log in etc but still not receiving test messages and I still have emails pending to send on the cron job page.
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