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Spinning Whirley Gig After Adding Product To Cart.

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John Milleker Jr.
54 posts
Mon Aug 26, 19
12:04 PM
I just had a customer contact me saying that after adding a product to the cart, the page 'locks up' with the spinning whirley gig and none of the buttons are responsive.

Checked it myself and it's true. When adding anything to cart as Admin or Customer on two different galleries with two different product lists, as soon as the bottom right shopping cart thing pops up, the whirley gig starts spinning.

The only buttons that work are the shopping cart popup buttons, clicking X closes this window but the spinning persists. Refreshing the page or viewing the cart (or going to checkout) breaks the page out of the issue.

Any ideas?

Issues happened on Android's browser plus Firefox for Windows PC.
Using Sytist Version 3.5.3
Tim - PicturesPro.com
12279 posts
Tue Aug 27, 19
3:31 AM
I am unable to duplicate that. Post or email me a link to a gallery and password if needed so I can take a look.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
John Milleker Jr.
54 posts
Tue Aug 27, 19
9:29 AM
Thank you Sir, the element seems to be ###loadingstuff and I sent you an e-mail with the gallery info and also made a screen capture video showing it on my end. It actually worked a few times, but failed out more times than not.

It's likely my web host as nobody else is seeing the issue, just would love the idea on what I can fix or change to get rid of it.

John Milleker Jr.
54 posts
Thu Sep 05, 19
10:23 AM
I consider this closed.

For others who may run into a similar issue the problem may have been my host moving to PHP 7.2. Though, I had high CPU errors with the host (Lunarpages) for awhile now anyway. There's been something weird with at least my place on their servers for awhile.

Even though I have to give Lunarpages credit for helping as much as they were able, I just couldn't get it working. They moved me to a new server and even tried digging into the errors.

Ultimately, the fix was moving to a new host. Tim suggested HostGator and so far so good. I'm currently rebuilding and the most CPU I've used even uploading and processing large photos was 2%. I didn't even have to edit any PHP settings to allow these large files.

Thanks Tim!
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