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Export Ordered Jpgs ?

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Wed Apr 10, 19
11:35 PM
Just wondering if there's a bulk way to extract purchased images from those unordered ?

For example, i'm uploading a new centre now - 73 clients will be ordering from the one gallery ( children are passcoded ) and I can see that I can create zip files of each order.

My question, since I don't want 73 zip files to unzip and ready for print...

1 - can I zip all orders for the one XYZ gallery into ONE zip file by choosing all orders that pertain to that one gallery ?


2 - can I individually elect ONE folder to individually zip each of those potential 73 orders to?

thanks in advance!

Tim - PicturesPro.com
11625 posts
Thu Apr 11, 19
11:05 AM
There is not an option to do that.

What you could possibly do is select all the orders from the list of orders in the Orders section and in the menu that opens at the bottom of the screen select the product export option. Change the export options to only export the file names, then use that list to copy and paste into lightroom search if you use lightroom.

Maybe someone else will chime in with what they do.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
137 posts
Thu Apr 11, 19
8:53 PM
Ok - good workaround except I don't rename in LR due to the fact I dupe all my B&W's via a superfast script in PS after I do my colour edits ( so I don't slow down LR ) and THEN lastly, I rename and upload.

SO, for those following along, or future problem searchers/solvers.. I took your advice and exported product, copied & dropped it in a spreadsheet, copied the column with all the files in it and tried something new to me and miraculously it worked! Because my folders are a little messy ( don't ask, I have 3 editors so there's folders within folders and who edited that kid and where did they hide them ..anyway.. not your problem ) .. I stuck ALL those files at once in the search box and voila - alllll the pics, extracted, found, ready for print - voila!

So happy with this workaround, which may seem basic in hindsight perhaps, but i've never "searched" a whole goddamn spreadsheet in a folder before, I expected it to freak out and say "whooaaa, no", but it did not.


137 posts
Thu Apr 11, 19
9:39 PM
ugh, spoke too soon - got all sorts of unordered random files in that .. will keep plugging away :/
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