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Does Anyone Here Use Yelp?

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Richard Mardirosian
200 posts
Thu Apr 04, 19
1:56 PM
Other than wanting to drive traffic to my Sytist website...this is not directly on topic for this forum. I apologize if this post is inappropriate in any way. Just thought a forum full of photographers might have some valuable input!

I have a salesperson calling repeatedly to convince me that Yelp! is an excellent way to promote my wedding services. I really don't have a solid social media presence, but I would like to find some way to effectively reach an online audience.

Has anyone had success with Yelp?

Are there other web based promotional vehicles you've found successful?

Preferably something that drives clicks to my website rather than slowly growing a social media presence.

Thanks for your help!
Vance Birno
83 posts
Thu Apr 04, 19
2:48 PM
Hi Richard, i do not use Yelp. but i am probably safe to say that the calls you are getting are most likely fraudulent. Ask for a corporate call back number. Your website hosting company should have Free SEO tools as well as paid SEO tools. Free ones should be good enough. If you have not signed up for a google web master account i would do so. submit your site to https://www.entireweb.com/free_submission/ this will be a good start. second i would go to yelp page a search for your business name. I believe you can claim that for free, other placement services may cost some fees and then they will probably call more to get you to upgrade. There is no real way in my opinion to guarantee getting more people to your site online, photographers are a dime a dozen these days. Advertising locally is probably more effective than the internet. Lots of community places to advertise, like churches, bulletin boards, youth sports arenas, offering a discount and join the high school sports programs that sell promo gift cards and things like that.
Edited Thu Apr 04, 19 5:16 PM by Vance Birno
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