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Shipping To Canada From The Us

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jadine bruner
62 posts
Mon Feb 11, 19
7:09 PM
I recently have had troubles mailing photos to Canada from the US. Basically after I ship the product through the post office, customs for some reason, is robbing the people for another hefty fee to get their photos. I've never had troubles before, just recently. Not sure what has changed. (for example i just charged someone $37 for their shipping/handling, the actual shipping I paid was $35, and now Canada tells her she has to pay another $30 to receive her photos) ugh!!! $65 for twelve 4x6's and one 11x14 is ridiculous!!!

Anyways.... Is there a way to make it so a Canadian address can ONLY buy an emailed version of their photos??? I do have canadian customers so don't want to eliminate them.

Tim - PicturesPro.com
11625 posts
Tue Feb 12, 19
4:43 AM
If they are customers you know and they have an account in the system, you could assign a custom price list to their account that only includes downloads. But they would have to log in in order for that price list to work. Otherwise, I can't think of a way to do that.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Pridhams Studio
109 posts
Tue Feb 12, 19
1:46 PM
It's probably not really the "postage" per say but rather Brokerage fees for going through customs.
It is quite the scam, but legal, the duty might be only $5 but the other fees the companies charge to do it are way up.
Anything I order from the US wether it is ID card materials or just a little gizmo is subject to this.
Some of the courier companies have a better rate than others.
If you look at a company like BHPhotoVideo compared to others they have these charges figured out in advance and they are a bit less and you know what it is going to be before you actually place the final order. Not much help I know.

If you only did this periodically you could try sending them as personal mail and a gift. But if its a frequent thing that's going to blow up in your face one day
Vance Birno
83 posts
Tue Feb 12, 19
4:57 PM
Maybe find a photo lab you can place your order through online in canada have them print and ship to that region. If you just want to sell prints to them. Posterjack.ca was not to badly priced on large prints.
jadine bruner
62 posts
Wed Feb 13, 19
2:15 PM
Thanks and I think if someone from Canada orders I just need to email them after the order is placed and let them know the customs fee may be as much or more than my shipping charge and give them the option of cancelling order or going through. :) I dont get many from canada so I will just deal with it on an individual basis.
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