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Need To Turn A Shopping Cart Into An Order

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Martha Widdowson
28 posts
Mon Feb 11, 19
11:48 AM
I had a customer, not logged in, put stuff in her cart and then when I saw her in person yesterday she paid me for the items. How can I without having to go through all of her pictures easily turn the shopping cart into an order?


Tim - PicturesPro.com
11625 posts
Mon Feb 11, 19
1:10 PM
The only way to do it is have her create an account or log in on the computer or device she added the items to cart with. Then you can log in as her and place the order.

Otherwise, you would need to manually create the order.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
Martha Widdowson
28 posts
Mon Feb 11, 19
1:31 PM
:( Ok. If we could put this on the wish list it would be appreciated. I run into this situation frequently and I would guess I'm not alone.
Shawn Mertz
127 posts
Mon Feb 11, 19
2:44 PM
There is a way to force people to log in before ordering. I’m not sure where it is in settings but it will 90% solve the problem.

There isn’t much you can do about the ones that don’t complete the check out process.
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Sarah MacKenzie
130 posts
Mon Jun 17, 19
3:23 AM
When this happens I just log in to the site with her passcode (eg pretend to be her, use here email address etc if you have it). Place the order like you were the customer and check offline payment. Then you can mark it as paid on the admin side and it's done.
137 posts
Mon Jun 17, 19
4:06 AM
I did this today too - not sure if it's new as im sure before you had to ask their password? ( annoying )
But last night I client couldn't pay - I dare say her system not mine - substantial order I didn't want to lose - lol! and sent me an email saying she wished to pay by CC over the phone.

Frustrating as I no longer have this ability - it cost more with the bank than I earned by people choosing this method... anyway: boring.

Sooo, I was able to log in as her - omg! Revelation, no password, no dicking about .. she gave me her CC deets, I entered them in over the phone and the order was placed AS HER and confirmation sent to her, nothing else for me to do - hallelujah!

I don't require people to create accounts though, so unsure if this works if you do not....

Sarah -the only trouble with your method ( which I have done before ) is that it's annoying to re-create an order that is already sitting there ready to go...it's like UGH! or maybe that's just me, ha ha.
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