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Self Hosting

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Adrian Fischer
180 posts
Tue Jul 31, 18
5:08 PM
Hi Guys,

Im downscaling my business and was t hinking about self hosting my website. I know how to set that up but was wondering how I might go about installing Sytis to it so that it looks exactly the same as it does now without having to build it again from the ground up. I back up the db but does that contain all the settings ? ie colours and fonts etc?
Any body else out there self hosting? What about paypal access? Its probably a minefield but would be interested to hear others experiences.

Tim - PicturesPro.com
11185 posts
Wed Aug 01, 18
10:14 AM
Here is how to move Sytist from one server to another and retaining the data:

If you mean self hosting by running it on your computer or a server in your home or office, I would not recommend doing that. It would probably be really slow for people visiting the site. You can probably find decent shared hosting for under $10 per month.
Tim Grissett, DIA - PicturesPro.com || My Email Address: info@picturespro.com
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Yann Queniart
108 posts
Wed Mar 13, 19
3:58 AM
Hi, I self hosting my sytist.

The main limit is the internet connection, I have VDSL 27 down and 4 up. With that i use Amazon S3 for store recents images. Old images are stored locally because it don't need a lot of bandwich, no many access so that work. An other limitation will be latency, lot of pictures with high latency = slow website.

Anyway self hosting work great, HTML page are very little, that is not a problem.

I wait about fibre access to self hosting images.

My configuration : Synology DS918+, 8Go RAM, SSD cache. MariaDB in Docker, Synology Web server Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.2

You can do it with a linux box, just need to know sys and db administration.

Note : My sytist installation take 500Go on disk so it can't be host by a provider (or that will cost a lot of money ^^)
Edited Wed Mar 13, 19 4:00 AM by Yann Queniart
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